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Elm Hall Drive Methodist Church

Part of Liverpool South Methodist Circuit




Drivers is the (uni) student and young adult group at EHD.

In addition to exploring God, we are large foodies so often get group takeaways, go out for tea or even enjoy pre-church breakfasts! We also have an upcoming theatre trip to London as well as plans to climb Snowdon!

Whatever stage of faith you are at, whether you’re simply curious about God or have a strong relationship with Him, Drivers is an opportunity to share in learning about God in an open, laidback service.

If you have just moved to Liverpool for university/job or have always lived in this great city, feel free to get in touch and join our little family!

I can honestly say that when I moved to UoL, finding EHD and forming our student group (lovingly christened Drivers) has given me such support and joy. I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful group of people (and now I get to edit their website!).

We are taking control and grasping our faith wholeheartedly with both hands! Drivers is all about exploring new and exciting ways to worship and worshipping with people at a similar age and life stage.



On the third Sunday evening of each month (from 7:30pm), we come together for worship and discussion to share our faith journey together.

We primarily focus on discussion style worship where we sit around tables with pizza and a cuppa before discussing questions based on that month’s topic.  

These topics can range from ‘how can we be a good Christian in everyday life?’ to ‘how can we overcome the Christian stereotype?’ to ‘how can we share our relationship with God with others without them feeling uncomfortable?’. These sessions are often self-ran, allowing us to talk about issues we are particularly interested in.  

Whatever stage of faith you’re at, sexuality, education, etc. everyone is welcome and equally valued in the eyes of God so come and start a discussion that you’re passionate about!


These three remain:

Faith, hope and love.

1 Corinthians, 13:13

Elm Hall Drive Methodist Church

Elm Hall Drive


L18 1LF

Tel: 0151 734 4540

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